[LSS Short] Dandelion

This story is part of LSS4 by XGN.
Dandelion,dandelion,where will you fly? Will you take my heart away?
"I am feeling not good today" It's late night, and Ookami the werewolf girl still could't fall asleep. "Damn the math test.. It must be the test that makes me feel sick..."
"Damn, my head is getting heavier and heavier, I think." Dizzily, our cute girl fell into sleep.
Don't let... the hu..man catch.. us... cough...cough... Run!Run!Run...(Gunshot)
"Ahh!!!" Ookami was woken by the nightmare. "What kind of dream is that?" She thought, "Wait... This is not my house. Where am I?"
Looking around, she found herself in a place she never went before: white walls, white beds, white women... Isn't this the hospital?
"You are finally awake." A woman in dress said, smiling.
"Why I am in hospital?"
"At one night one of your neighbours complaint about your loud coughing. He thought you may have infected the flu COVID-99. After our examination, unfortunately, so you did."
"Am... I going to die?"
"No. Please be confident. You will recover after several operations."
"Operations??" Ookami thought, "That's not nice. They will find out I am not a human... They will KILL me! They really caught me this time.."
"You seems still worried. Be confident, and we will help you recover! Believe in us! You can recover in at most 1 month."
"Yey, I am going to die in 1 month" Ookami thought.
The nurse went out of the room, so Ookami decided to hang around. "A bed, a window, a desk, that's all. How lonely I am in this one-man room." Out the window, she couldn't see anything because the room was too high. When she stopped talking, there was no sound in the room. Everything was just deadly quiet. The hospital, more like a white jail, trapped our girl inside.
Dandelion, dandelion, where will you go? Will you take me to see the mountain and the flow?
Listen, my girl. Your dear mom is coming to rescue you.. Just hang there! Wait, and you will be fine! Don't be afraid, my little girl. "How.. do I know how long I will wait?.." "Just take this dendelion. When you know how much seeds are there, mom will come"
"What a dream is that?" Ookami woke with a huge dandelion in her hand, "To count how many seeds? It seems fun."
"1st 2nd 3rd 4th..." The easy task wasn't easy for our girl, for she was taken out several times to measure the temperature. It took her a long time, but she still couldn't finish the task. The seeds were so much as if they magically regenerated.
Dandelion, dandelion, where will you stay? Can you help me get through this May?
Days have passed, weeks have passed. It's time for our girl to have operations. Surprisingly, our girl didn't feel worried during it, because all her mind was flooded by dandelion seeds. She knowed that, if she miscounted, her mom would never come.
"You are recovered and you can go now! Your friends are waiting for you at the gate!" One day, the nurse said so.
"Really? But I haven't finished counting..." Ookami wanted to say, but she swallowed her remaining words. "OK!"
"You are finally recovered!" Over the gate, XGN, Doragon and Ninetails had been waiting for a long time.
"Hey, you guys? Do you know that how I passed through these days? My mom told me to count these..." Ookami was proudly sharing her "life experience"
After the story, the friends were amazed except XGN. He smiled and looked at this foolish girl. "She still didn't know a thing." XGN thought,"Her mother was shot dead on the day she was born. How could she come to save her?"
"oh by the way, how's my Math test?" Ookami asked curiously.
"You? You failed it again!" XGN bursted into laughter
"Oh come on please!!! I tried so hard!!"
The End of Chapter Dandelion

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