Addon Tools Terraria Edition Released (And Doc)

Addon Tools is back in Terraria!


Note that this project is not open-sourced

Item Recipe

A = Accessory

C = Consumable

W = Weapon

Blank Card

Dropped from enemy(6% v1.0/3.7% v1.1). Used to craft other cards.

(A)Damage Pocket

Empty Card + 10 Gold coin v1.0

Empty Card + 32 Spell v1.1

Earn money by dealing damage!

Earn 1 gold for every 10,000 damage

(A)Momoyo Card

Empty Card + 10 Obisidian

Increase damage when you attack

Reset when taking damage

(W)Curve Staff

Empty Card + 10 Fallen Star v1.0

Empty Card + 10 Fallen Star + 16 Spell v1.1

(W)Ball Staff

Empty Card + 10 Spike Ball v1.0

Empty Card + 10 Spike Ball + 16 Spell v1.1

Shoot balls

(W)Boundary Staff

Empty Card + 10 Soul of Flight v1.0

Empty Card + 10 Soul of Flight + 32 Spell v1.1

Shoot Yukari's famous card

(A)Eirin Potion

Empty Card + 10 Healing Potion

Nullify Death(In some way) Using 40 Mana

(A)Extra Credit

Empty Card + 10 Gold coin v1.0

Empty Card + 32 Spell v1.1
Earn 10 store points when collecting an item

Store points are used with Remote Store

(A)Judge Card

Empty Card + 10 Gold coin v1.0

Empty Card + 32 Spell v1.1
Recover HP using coins when HP is not full

1 Copper=1 HP


3 1UP-Piece / Dropped from enemy(1% v1.0/0.37% v1.1)

Heal 9999 HP!

No Triggering Potion Sickness

Can't be quick healed


1 Life Crystal / Dropped from enemy(3% v1.0/1.1% v1.1)

Used to craft 1UP

Remote Store

Empty Card + 1 Platinum Coin v1.0

Empty Card + 32 Spell v1.1

Connect to a remote universe

Sell items and duplicate items using a special currency

(1.1) Spell

(8 v1.1/3 v1.2) SpellPiece / Dropped from enemy(1.1%)


(1.1) Spell-Piece

1 Mana Crystal / Dropped from enemy(3.7%)

Used to craft Spellcard

(1.1W) Boundary Staff 2

Boundary Staff + 64 Spell @ TinkererWorkshop

5x damage

(1.1A) Fast Use

Empty Card + 32 Spell

Reduce use time to 1/2

(1.1A) Ghost Projectile

Empty Card + 32 Spell + 10 Throwing Knives

When shooting a projectile, shoot another one in the opposite direction

(1.1A) Infinite Ammo

Empty Card + Endless Quiver + 64 Spell

No more ammo consumption

(1.1A) Infinite Mana

Empty Card + 99 Mana Crystal + 64 Spell

No more mana consumption

(1.1A) Infinite Heal

Empty Card + 5 Oneup + 64 Spell

Heal always for free at nurse. (i.e. 1 Copper)

Respawn with max health

(1.1A) Infinite Minion

Empty Card + 64 Spell

Allows a total of 10 minions

(1.1A) ThreeNO

Infinite Heal + Infinite Minion + Infinite Ammo + Infinite Mana + 128 Spell @ TinkererWorkshop

Combination of all items in recipe

(1.1A) Credit Packet

Damage Packet + Extra Credit + 64 Spell @ TinkererWorkshop

Combination of all items in recipe

(1.1A) Ghost Momoyo

Ghost Projectile + Momoyo Card + 64 Spell @ TinkererWorkshop

Combination of all items in recipe

(1.2) Point Item & Faith Item

Now enemies will drop points and faith to increase your shop credit. Use them with Remote Store.

(1.2C) Dog Food

10 Bone + 1UP + 2 Empty Card

Spawn Momiji

(1.2A) Focus Cursor

32 Spell + Empty Card

Accessory can work even if they are placed in the inventory!

(1.2A) STG Doll

32 Spell + Empty Card

Greatly reduce your hitbox size

Doesn't work for vanilla accessories

(1.2W) Drop Staff

Empty Card + 64 Spell

Generate loot from mobs in a nearby distance and deal a small amount of damage

Doesn't work on bosses



Bosses have multiple Spellcards. Each spellcard has its time and health. When a boss run out of spellcards, you win. You can break a spellcard by dealing corresponding amount of damage or wait for the timeout. The former method is called capturing the spellcard and will drop a Spell item. The loot will be determined by the ratio of capture cards in all cards.

A spellcard also has a hidden least breaking time. When a spellcard is broken under this time, it is not considered captured.

When fighting bosses of this mod, a special HUD will appear to assist you.


Spawned with Dog Food

  • Damage: 100
  • Defense: 55
  • Spells: 2
    • Nonspell 1 (4000HP 45s)
    • Nonspell 2 (6000HP 60s)


- another 6 items
- a new boss Momiji
- released with 12 more items
- released with 12 items
- changed name from test2 -> addon tools

来源:Hell Hole Studios Blog

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