INM has ended!!!!!

Oh, what a season! Although this season's very short, we did pretty many things and seems it's better than INM season 1. Thanks to all member's efforts!

What we did:

super slow exp machine

super slow slime farm

not so slow iron farm

super slow villager breeder

super slow villager washer & trade centre

Member description:

Very weak at redstone, very stupid and always make people do machines that can't be used.

Super smart boy! Be good at many machines! But very F888 mo, hope u not to mo so much next season.

Good helper. Very smart!

Also a good helper and did a lot of hard dull work. But hope u not to ask questions about 意义,,,

Best member! Always afk for 12 hours and made a lot of resources for us!

INM season 2 has ended! See u at 2.5 or 3! Have a nice day, bye bye!(maybe goodbye forever)