JSOI 2019 Diary Day 0

JSOI 2019 Diary Day 0

I came from the White House --ZKY


Get up at 7:40(can't sleep well) then watched Anime until 10am. Gonna take a Didi to South Station but waited for 20 minutes without seeing a car come. Then finally get a Didi Zhuanxiang car and get to Nanjing South Railway Station at 11:30. (money-50)
Then waited for the train to start. zky came. syr came later. On the train, zky gave everyone 蒟蒻什锦 果冻 :P. Got Changzhou in 1 hour. (money-60*2)


Logged into the Marriott Hotel. We all lived in floor 43. The room was nice. With a stereo which can be connected using Bluetooth and a TV for bathroom. The outside of the hotel building lighted up at night(very beautiful) and the in the whole grand hall of the building a smell of flowers can be smelt.(money-1000*2)
Walked long distances to Hohai University. Met Tian Jin and Yinze Rong and so on. Got our own ID card. i became the team leader cuz i have highest rating
Testing. Wrote some model programs like bit, dinic and kmp. Has windows and Linux. Compiling is quite slow(30 seconds about). Surprisingly, a Idle and Eclipse Neon was found on the computer.
Guohao Jin arrived later. Now he is the leader
We went together to the school canteen for dinner. JackLi said there was no dinner for us..When ryz was asked who sent him here, he said "no one and nowhere to live" (Too fucking fake)


Eat at a Turkish resturant. (money-1500)
Gonna practice Tarjan,Exgcd and Mincost Flow.


We are here for high-tier travelling

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