The story of Tengfei Ep.2

The story of Tengfei Episode 2 - The TengFei University Exam

Hi, I am your friend ZJS again! As we know, in China we have 高考(University Exam) and in Tengfei country, we have two colleges: one is a special university called 腾飞国大学(Tengfei University) and another is a normal university 腾飞师范大学(Tengfei Cottage).The score of your Tengfei University Exam will decide which university you will go. So today let's look at Tengfei University Exam 2018 English Paper. How many points can you get?

Tengfei University Exam English Paper

2018-4-13 Name:|| Pts:|| No:||

Section 1 - Listening


Section 2 - Grammar

  1. Ah! I drank too much water! I have to ... the toilet! 3'
    A:go to B:appreciate C:flush D:up

  2. ...! Why are you calling me your son again??!! 3'
    A:Fuck you B:Flower Hill C:Sorry D:Bye

  3. I like Radish and vegetable ... 3'
    A:ribs B:dishes C:food D:Qi Door

Section 3 - Cloze test (1' per)

Hi, welcome to ..1.. ..2.. ! I ..3.. ..4.. ..5.. ..6.. ..7.. ..8..! ..9.. you know that I will become your ..10..? Hahaha! That's only a ..11..! But ..12.., welcome to ..13.. ..14.. ..15..!
1. A Chinese B Tengfei C China D Tengfeish
2. A city B country C capital D colony
3. A am B is C will be D is going to be
4. A zjs B yp C Flowey D myself
5. A the B that C this D as
6. A boy B girl C woman D man
7. A around B next C yabbi D come
8. A do B dor C door D doors
9. A did B have C will D has
10. A father B son C classmate D friend
11. A grass(Both Chinese and Japanese) B shit C joke D lover
12. A anyhow B anywhere C anybody D anyway
13. A tengfei B Tenfei C tenfe D tefei
14. A ♂ B ♀ C % D é
15. A countr B county C count D country

Section 4 - Reading

A - My Friend ZJS

Voo! Lover! Fucker!
1. What's the underlined word 'voo' means? 3'
A.voodoo B.我哦 C.🌫 D.♂
2. How many person are mentioned in the passage? 3'
A 0 B 1 C 2 D 3
3. What's the purpose of this passage? 3'
A To express strongly discontentment of homosexuality.
B To show highly esteem and to look forward to interact♂with the man in New Nippori
C To give out own originality about newly-learned phrases and words by using continuous emphasis sentences
D Use irony to contrast the bad atmosphere of society with his own hypocritical happiness
4. Where you could possible find this article? 3'
A on a magazine
B on a newspaper
C on HHS Blog
D on his head

Section 5 - Translate Famous Sentences By ZYQ (5' per)

  1. 蛤?让我康康!我一看,一缸奶我统统吸干!
  2. 赵聿祺萎🚹~

  3. 请你爸爸哦!我昨天才请过客的~

  4. 啊~赵聿祺没有迪克了

  5. ZJS Holding His Big DK

Section 6 - Composition (10')

Write a composition about ZJS. 114 to 514 words.


How many points can you get? Will u get into the TFU? Quickly learn and do QiDoor and try your best to TFU!

Answer and Explain of the test

Part 1:

  1. B (根据语境应填写:'赏厕所' - appreciate the toilet)
  2. B (根据语境应填写:'花丘' - folwer hill)
  3. A (固定搭配:萝卜青菜排骨)

Part 2:
1. B
2. B 腾飞'国'
3. A
4. A
5. A '邻家男孩' the boy next door
6. A
7. B
8. C
9. A
10. A
11. C
12. D
13. A
14. A 考察♂符号的使用
15. D
Part 3:
1. D 考察van语录
2. D van,fucker,lover共三人
3. D 根据文章选择D
4. C
Part 4: (baidu translation)

  1. Clam? Let me be healthy! I see, a jar of milk I suck dry!
  2. Zhao Yiqi withered~

  3. Please your father! I only invited guests yesterday.~

  4. Ah, Zhao Yuqi has no Dick anymore.

  5. ZJS握着它的大DK

Part 5: Skip

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