Hi, for everyone watching this. If you are in China, you may know that it is the Great Summer Holiday(Jul.1~Aug.31)! During the summer holiday, we will do updates and new stuffs. Here's the plan:

Note:We are not doing this full-time. We have lessons to take.So don't complain if some projects delay


Orange Boy Can You Solve It Out will continue without resting!

Codeforces Contests Maybe Sometimes.

Atcoder Contests Maybe. After night lessons end.

HHSOJ Web Edition Main Feature continues after August. You can test this stupid OJ at here


THHHS May release v1 for a full collection of stages and extra.

TestSTG2 Working hard! You can look forward to this.

RocketSimulator Keep working without pausing. Android version released.

Slap This game is already dead. Maybe nope...


Story of Tengfei maybe...nope :P

Games we are playing

INM Craft II It's a 1.14.2 vanilla Minecraft server. See the article written for this!

Hypixel Bedwar Team in 2 or 3. (Hypixel is a Minecraft server)

Hypixel Skyblock XGN and XIZCM. Online sometimes.

Touhou Almost everyone plays at any moment.

Gartic.io 3~5 people. Usually after Codeforces contests.

BeatZJS every day everywhere everyone.

Nintendo Games XGN only.


Any ideas? Comment Below!