2019-01-01 WN,ZKY,HDD,ZJS,XZM,XGN,HYK,ZXY,ZYD The First of HHS New Year Party.

2019-02-06 XGN The first HHS real 3D game Planet ZJS released

2019-04-04 XZM The blog site is up!

2019-04-14 XGN,SYR,JGH Orange Boy Can You Solve It Out? series starts

2019-06-13 ZJS The first mobile game Rocket Simulator is released

2019-06-29 XGN,HDD,ZJS,XZM MC Server INM Craft Season 2 started

2019-07-22 XGN,ZJS Project site is up!

2019-08-23 XGN,XZM Forge Season 1 Ended

2019-10-01 XGN,XZM,JGH,ZJS Huawei Honorcup 2